Project Category: Education

Contractor :
BKF Engineers

Category :
Client :
University of California, Davis
Date :
6 Weeks


2M General Engineering undertook a pivotal six-week potholing project at UC Davis, focusing on the design phase of a new switch station and the execution of potholing operations. This case study captures the essence of the challenges faced, the strategic solutions implemented, and the seamless execution that led to the project’s success, complemented by a testimonial from our clients.


The active campus environment and the notably hard ground conditions presented significant challenges. The project required minimal disruption to the campus while dealing with the difficult digging conditions.


Our strategic approach included:

  • In-depth Review: We meticulously reviewed as-built documentation and conducted a comprehensive site visit to align with the UC Davis Utilities team.
  • Prioritized Execution: With the academic semester approaching, we expedited potholing in critical areas needing road closures to avoid disrupting campus life.
  • Collaborative Effort: Our ongoing coordination with UC Davis was instrumental in ensuring the project’s swift and successful completion.


The project concluded triumphantly, with all objectives met within the stipulated timeframe. The final tally of potholes was 168, with 97 in hardscape/asphalt and 71 in landscape/dirt areas. The precision of our work is documented in the civil grid report, and the site was restored to its original condition, including repaving work where necessary.

Additional Highlights

  • Civil Grid Insights: We will display screenshots of the civil grid, providing a visual account of the project’s meticulous planning and execution.
  • Restoration and Repaving: Our commitment to leaving the site in pristine condition was evident in our thorough backfill, restoration, and repaving efforts.
  • Pothole Summary: The project encompassed 168 potholes, with a detailed breakdown of 97 in hardscape/asphalt and 71 in landscape/dirt, showcasing our ability to adapt to varying ground conditions.


2M General Engineering’s dedication to operational excellence shone throughout the UC Davis switch station project. Our proactive planning, adaptive strategies, and diligent execution ensured the project’s completion with minimal campus disruption and a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency.