Why Choose 2M General Engineering: The Union Advantage

When it comes to selecting a contractor for your utility locating and potholing needs, we understand that cost is a major consideration. You might wonder why you should choose 2M General Engineering, a union contractor, when private competitors offer lower rates. The answer lies in the unparalleled quality, safety, and reliability that come with our union affiliation. Here’s why partnering with 2M General Engineering, a proud member of Operating Engineers Local 3 and Laborers 185, is worth every penny.

1. Superior Quality and Skilled Workforce

As a union contractor, 2M General Engineering employs highly skilled and trained professionals. Our team members undergo rigorous training programs and continuous education to stay updated with the latest industry standards and technologies. This ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest quality standards. Our union workers bring precision, expertise, and efficiency that private competitors often can’t match.

2. Unmatched Safety Standards

Safety isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a core value. Union contractors are held to stringent safety regulations, and our workers are trained to adhere to these standards diligently. This commitment to safety minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries on-site, protecting both our team and your project. When you choose 2M General Engineering, you’re not just paying for a service; you’re investing in a safe and secure work environment.

3. Reliability and Accountability

Union contractors like 2M General Engineering are bound by collective bargaining agreements that emphasize accountability and reliability. Our workers are committed to maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism. This means you can count on us to deliver projects on time and within budget, with consistent communication and transparency throughout the process.

4. Comprehensive Benefits for Workers

Our union affiliation ensures that our workers receive fair wages, healthcare benefits, and retirement plans. This not only boosts morale but also reduces turnover, leading to a more experienced and dedicated workforce. Happy, healthy employees are more productive and deliver better results, directly benefiting your project.

5. Ethical Business Practices

At 2M General Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ethical business practices. Union contractors adhere to fair labor practices, ensuring that workers are treated with respect and dignity. This ethical approach extends to our interactions with clients, where we prioritize integrity and honesty in all our dealings.

6. Long-Term Value

While our rates might be higher than some private competitors, the long-term value we provide is unmatched. The quality of our work reduces the need for costly repairs and rework, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, our commitment to safety and reliability ensures that your project proceeds smoothly, avoiding the hidden costs of delays and disruptions.

7. Strategic Union Membership: Operating Engineers Local 3 and Laborers 185

2M General Engineering decided to join Operating Engineers Local 3 and Laborers 185 to up our game and enhance our capabilities, particularly in public works projects. These unions are renowned for their rigorous training programs and high standards. By aligning with them, we ensure our team is among the best-trained and most skilled in the industry. Operating Engineers Local 3Operating Engineers Local 3: This union represents the most qualified heavy equipment operators and technicians. Their extensive training programs ensure that our operators are proficient with the latest machinery and techniques, enabling us to deliver top-notch performance on every project. Laborers 185: This union provides us with a highly versatile workforce trained in a wide range of construction tasks. The members of Laborers 185 are known for their strong work ethic and adaptability, allowing us to efficiently handle diverse project requirements and challenges.


Choosing 2M General Engineering as your union contractor is an investment in quality, safety, reliability, and ethical business practices. Our membership in Operating Engineers Local 3 and Laborers 185 further enhances our ability to deliver exceptional results, particularly in public works projects. While our services might come at a higher price point, the superior results, peace of mind, and long-term value we deliver make us the clear choice over private competitors. When it comes to your utility locating and potholing needs, don’t settle for less—choose the best with 2M General Engineering.

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