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Why Choose 2M For Your Utility Locating Company

At 2M General Engineering, we pride ourselves on precision in underground utility locating. Here’s why the industry’s top players consistently choose us for their utility locating needs:

  • Rapid Response: You ask for a quote, and voila, you get a quote. Our team provides quick, accurate estimates to keep your project on track without the typical runaround and delays other locating companies do.
  • Expert Team: Our utility locators aren’t just any crew—they’re part of Operating Engineers Union Local 3. With years of experience and a toolkit of certifications, they know their stuff, which means you can rest easy.
  • Modern Technology: We harness the latest in electromagnetic and GPR technologies, including top-notch gear from RadioDetection, GSSI, and Trimble. The newer the equipment, the more accurate the locate!
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and potholing to 811 Coordination and utility mapping, we offer everything under one roof. Why juggle multiple service providers when you can have an all-in-one solution under one roof?
  • Constant Communication: We ensure your project isn’t just completed but done so flawlessly. With us, you’re always in the loop—no mysterious silences or ghosting, which, sadly, is more than some can say about our competitors.

With 2M General Engineering, it’s not just about locating utilities. It’s about providing peace of mind coupled with exceptional service. 

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Trusted by industry leaders, the best of the best keep choosing 2M (86% repeat business rate)

Better Software & Equipment Than The Other Guys

  • EM Locators: We utilize the Radiodetection RD8200 for its unparalleled accuracy in detecting underground utilities.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Our GPR services are powered by advanced systems from GSSI and LMX, providing detailed subsurface images across various soil conditions.
  • Potholing Equipment: For safe and precise excavation, we employ Rival equipment, ensuring visual confirmation of utility locations with minimal disruption.
  • Mapping Technology: Our mapping and documentation process is enhanced by Pointman, CivilGrid, and Trimble technologies while drafting is done in Autodesk Civil3D software, enabling us to produce precise, actionable maps and plans.

Why Is Underground Utility Locating Necessary?

  1. Protect Your Peace (and Pipes): Nobody enjoys the drama of service outages. Precise utility locating keeps your water flowing and lights on, avoiding the chaos that ensues when someone accidentally digs up the neighborhood’s internet cable.
  2. Stay Safe, Not Sorry: Hitting a gas line is more than just an “oops.” It’s a serious hazard. With accurate utility locating, we keep the surprises above ground and away from headlines.
  3. Love Your Planet: Damaged utilities can mean more than just an expensive fix—they can wreak havoc on the environment. We find utilities before they find trouble, keeping the earth as clean as our record.
  4. Play by the Rules: It’s not just smart; it’s the law. We handle the heavy lifting, including those pesky 811 calls, ensuring your project stays within the lines of regulatory compliance.
  5. Save Your Budget (and Your Timeline): Surprise underground discoveries can blow budgets and schedules faster than you can say “redesign.” Our utility locating services map out a clear path, letting you plan effectively and dodge costly delays.
  6. Efficiency is Key: With a detailed utility map, rerouting becomes a thing of the past. Optimize your project’s layout from the start and keep those “fun” surprises to a minimum.

Find Utilites, Not Surprises


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer detailed mapping services, including PDF maps, KML/KMZ (Google Earth), Shapefiles and AutoCAD/Civil3D drawings.

While public 811 services mark only publicly-owned utilities up to the property line, private utility locating offers comprehensive coverage, identifying both public and private utilities throughout the entire site. This ensures thorough risk mitigation and accurate planning for construction and excavation projects.

The duration of an underground utility locating project can vary depending on the project’s size, the complexity of the area, and the number of utilities to be located. Our team works efficiently to minimize disruptions and complete the project as swiftly as possible, often within a few days to a week for standard projects.

Absolutely. Our non-invasive locating techniques, such as electromagnetic locating and ground penetrating radar, are environmentally safe. For projects requiring potholing, we use vacuum excavation, which is a gentle method that minimizes soil disturbance and potential harm to the environment.

We specialize in locating a wide range of utility types, including electrical and telecommunication lines, gas pipelines, water and sewage lines, and more. While our technology allows us to detect both metallic and non-metallic utilities, certain site and soil conditions or utility types may prevent / obscure the investigation. This is when we recommend potholing to safely expose the utility for visual verification.

While our equipment and techniques allow us to locate a broad spectrum of underground utilities, there may be limitations when it comes to utilities that are non-conductive and do not have a tracer wire, such as certain types of plastic pipes without metallic components. In such cases, we may recommend alternative strategies to ensure a comprehensive utility investigation.

Following the completion of utility locating where we mark your site with paint on the ground, we can optionally provide you with detailed documentation, including maps and photographs, of all identified utilities. This documentation aids in planning your construction or excavation project, ensuring you can proceed with confidence and avoid any potential conflicts with existing utilities.

No problem. Our team can utilize our advanced locating equipment and softwares to create an initial map of existing utilities. This map can then be refined and expanded as more detailed information is obtained through further investigation and locating techniques.

Although not “survey grade” (2M is NOT a licensed surveying company) our utility maps and drawings are highly accurate, thanks to our use of precise locating equipment and advanced mapping and error correction softwares, such as Trimble and Autodesk Civil3D. We strive to provide detailed documentation that accurately represents the subsurface utility landscape, aiding in effective planning and design.

No, we are not a licensed surveying firm and therefore do not provide stamped survey maps. However, we are equipped to generate detailed utility maps and documentation for your project. If stamped survey maps are required, we can make recommendations and connect you with trusted licensed surveying partners to meet your project’s needs.

While we do not stamp SUE maps ourselves, we collaborate closely with a number of Civil Engineering companies, providing them with the necessary utility investigation documentation. This documentation assists their Professional Engineers (P.E.’s) in creating an official stamped S.U.E. map, ensuring that your project meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.