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Dive into your next project with clarity and confidence. 2M General Engineering, a leader in potholing services and hydro vacuum excavation, offers clear insights into the subsurface for your infrastructure and construction projects. Using the latest technology and backed by the expertise of Operating Engineers Local 3, we aim for efficiency, safety, and minimal surprises.

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2M: Unrivaled Below, Unmatched Above

Choosing 2M means partnering with a team where risks are minimized, efficiency is maximized, and our can-do attitude brightens the process. We’re more than just a potholing company; we’re your subsurface sleuths, ensuring you have all the details needed for a successful project completion.

Let’s dig into why 2M is the go-to for potholing in design and construction projects:

  • Skilled Potholing Gurus: Utilizing our mighty fleet of hydrovac rigs, we do more than just detect utilities; we provide visual confirmation with the accuracy you need, and we document all of it for you.
  • A Foundation of Safety and Integrity: Our team’s backbone is as strong as the unions we’re part of (OE Local 3 / Laborers 185), ensuring your project’s integrity and stakeholder safety without compromise.
  • Detailed Digital Deliverables: Our LVD (Locate, Verify, Document) process doesn’t just scratch the surface. Expect detailed insights, including utility type, size, depth, direction, and photo evidence, giving you a crystal-clear picture of what’s below your job site.

Hydro Excavation: The Strategic Advantage in Design Phase

Choosing 2M for your project’s design phase means selecting a strategy that aligns with both your timeline and budget:


  • Design-Informed Excavation: Minimizing Job Site Impact: Our potholing methods prioritize preserving the integrity of your job site and surrounding areas while delivering essential data for your project’s design. 
  • Precision Planning: Say goodbye to uncertainty in your project’s early stages. Our precise utility poholing services provide the essential data you need to make informed design decisions, preventing costly redesigns and ensuring your project stays on track.
  • Safety from the Ground Up: Incorporating our services in the design phase prioritizes the safety of underground utilities and personnel, laying the foundation for a secure construction process.

Finishing Strong: Expert Backfill and Flawless Restoration

Once our precision work of locating and exposing utilities is complete, the final step in our process is meticulous backfill and paving/restoration. This phase is crucial, not only to return the site to its original state but also to ensure the integrity and safety of the excavated area. At 2M, we pride ourselves on leaving no trace behind, except for the valuable information gained and the assurance of a job done right.

Don't let underground unknowns dictate your project's direction.

Leave the subsurface mysteries to the pipeline puzzle solvers. With 2M’s construction potholing expertise, you’re equipped to make informed decisions, keeping your project moving smoothly.

You’re In Good Company

Trusted by industry leaders, the best of the best keep choosing 2M (86% repeat business rate)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Potholing construction, also known as hydro or vacuum excavation, is a non-destructive method used to precisely locate underground utilities. By using a combination of water or air to break up soil and a vacuum to remove the debris, we can expose and visually verify the location, depth, and type of underground infrastructure without damaging it.

Incorporating potholing services in the early stages of your project offers numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of utility damage, preventing costly project delays, and ensuring the safety of the construction environment. It provides critical data that can influence design decisions, helping to avoid potential conflicts with existing underground utilities.

Potholing construction provides precise information about the subsurface environment, enabling better planning and design. This precision helps in avoiding utility strikes, reducing project costs, and minimizing environmental impact. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring project timelines and budgets are met by mitigating unforeseen subsurface challenges.

Potholing can locate and verify a wide range of utilities, including water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, and electric lines. It’s an effective method for identifying both metallic and non-metallic utilities.

Yes, potholing is versatile and can be effectively conducted in most soil types. However, the technique and equipment may be adjusted depending on soil conditions to ensure the most accurate and efficient excavation.

The duration of a potholing operation depends on several factors, including the project size, the number of utilities to be located, and soil conditions. Our team works diligently to complete the process as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and safety.

Safety is our top priority. We use non-destructive techniques to gently expose utilities without causing damage. Our experienced union technicians are trained to operate with the utmost care, ensuring that existing utilities are protected throughout the process.

Our potholing crews boast extensive experience, with each member having a minimum of 5 years in the field. Many of our team members have over a decade of potholing experience, ensuring expertise and precision in every operation.

Under average conditions with depths of 5 to 7 feet and limited traffic control requirements, we can typically complete 4 to 6 potholes in a day. Ground conditions may affect productivity, so feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs.

No, we have the capability to dig potholes in any ground surface, including asphalt and concrete. Our equipment is adaptable to various surface types, ensuring versatility and efficiency in our potholing operations. Contact us to discuss your potholing requirements and surface specifics.

We typically partner with Capitol Barricade, based in Sacramento, CA, to ensure efficient and safe traffic control measures during our potholing operations, but we are open to working with your chosen firm as well.

Yes, we frequently utilize the services of 811 USA Markings (as required by law) and can provide that service for your project. Typically, we experience a lead time of 3 to 5 days from the day of contact to site marking.

Ready to integrate potholing services into your project’s design phase? We appreciate the chance to earn your business. Simply provide us with a few details about your project through our quick quote form, and feel free to upload any relevant plans. One of our experienced estimating team members will promptly reach out to discuss your needs and provide you with the assistance you require.